Large scale Fibonacci

In Year 6 we’re all familiar with Fibonacci’s number sequence – in the comments why don’t you tell me where you can find this.


In Maths today we practiced drawing out Fibonacci’s spiral LARGE scale. We had to use our skills in measuring accurately and drawing right angles as well as memorising the actual sequence.



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Chocolate Pottery an Chocolate Drinking

On the 9th of May class 6 made ancient Maya chocolate pots out of air drying clay. It was a fun activity to take our minds of SATs. It was hard to shape the pot but a good demonstration from Miss Malone helped us on the task. Mid way through making the pots people were selected to grind the cocao seeds.It smelt delicious;once we had finished our pots we went on to the stage. Miss Malone added water to the chocolate to make it in liquid form ( it was tepid water). To make it Frothy, Miss Malone raised as she poured from jug to jug. We enjoyed the activity and there were many opinions on what it tasted like. Altogether it was a fun afternoon and everyone enjoyed it!! Many thanks to Miss Malone for preparing such a fun lesson.

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This term, in preparation for SATS (WOO HOO!) we made darumas. A daruma is a lucky doll thing  which comes from Jepan as Isabel calls it :). They have a podgy belly with japenisey signs on them: Nana Korobi Ya Oki. AKA fall down seven times get up eight! This may not appeal to everyone but for some of us having a lucky charm is a helpful custom. When you finish painting and making the face, you leave two eyes blank then you paint one eye to make your wish. After  your daruma has done its job, paint the other eye to symbolise that its task is COMPLETE!!!!!!


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The Maya (chocolate)

The Maya were a very interesting topic. They made lots of different thing like: chocolate, ball games, pottery and more! My favorite part was a the chocolate. First, everybody took turns to mash up coco-beans and chili flakes in a mortar. Then, we went outside to the stage and added water to the mixture.Then, the mixture turned smooth and like melted chocolate. finally, we were put into groups and we drunk it. Of us found it delicious, but I didn’t!

It was a very fun afternoon, and it made me feel that the Maya were VERY clever! Sometimes the Maya even put blood into chocolate, so you can tell that it was a very special and very rare. Thank you for reading.

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Daruma Doll

Hello bloggers,

Last month Miss Malone introduced the idea of the Daruma Doll to help us for SATS. The Daruma is a Japanese doll that can represent many things, in our case it is symbol of luck. This Daruma can pray for you to provide with good luck (mostly during exams). The Daruma we made was layered with red (which means good luck) and has a touch of yellow/gold paint making good luck symbol in Japanese.


What you will need!

  • Plastic egg that can split in half;
  • Sand;
  • PVA glue;
  • Paper;
  • Paint (Red and Gold).


  1. Firstly, get your two halves of the egg and take them apart (use the bottom part).
  2. Secondly, mix the glue and sand together thoroughly to make a gloopy mixture.
  3. Next, carefully pour the mixture into the bottom part of the egg.
  4. Then, let the mixture dry the right way up so your Daruma can stay up through long boring exams!
  5. Once the sand has dried up join the two halves together.
  6. Now, gently layer the egg in paper mashei and paint it in red.
  7. Once it has dried, cut out a semi-circle for the face and decorate it with big eyes, hairy eyebrows, turtle shell cheeks and facial hair.
  8. Finally and most importantly, add 3 gold strikes and a good luck symbol in Japanese.


Now you have made a successful Daruma that will help you through stressful exams! Don’t forget to paint one eye in before you start so that your Daruma can watch over you.


Pelagia Toby and Woody

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Scratch Crab Game

Scratch Crab Game!

Recently,we have been creating a game on scratch with a crab and you have to get through a
maze that changes when you touch a green ball.Before we started coding the game we had to
make a plan first.This was a big sheet that had boxes on it.In the center boxes we put our
ideas for coding the game,on the very outside we put thoughts and ideas for the game. We
based our game on another game we did this so we could learn how to code more complex games.
Our first challenge was to make the crabs claws move,e overcame this by realizing that it 
was made by using two crabs and making the one in front go away.

Thanks for reading!!

Mia and Fergus
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Pok ta pok

Over the past couple of weeks Class 6 have been learning how to play a Maya ball game. There are some interesting rules…..

The most important rule is that you can only  use your elbows and knees and hips. This can be quite challenging. The aim of the game is to try and get the ball through the hoop.If you do then it is a point to your team. This takes quite a long time!

In the PE lessons we played in our houses and rotated every time a team scored a point or if the teams played on for a long period of time.


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Sats week

Sats week

At first we were all  nervous as we entered the school but soon we realized it wasn’t so bad.As are first test,was reading . There was a text about a cat, swimming the English Chanel and touching a whale. Most of us finished  and we all did very well.The second test was SPaG. All of us finished the test and was really proud.Spelling was hard but we still go through it. The third test was maths. The first of 3 . A lot of us found  it easy. The second last test was more maths. It was hard . But we tried are best! The last test haven’t hapened yet but it will go well.

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SATs week

SATs are a bunch of tests that most children in year six have to do in the month of May and we have just completed four of the five tests that we have to do.

  • On the Monday of ‘SATs week’ we had the one and only reading paper which consisted of three texts and roughly fifteen questions for each of them. The test  lasted an hour but the for most of us the questions seemed pretty easy compared to what we had been practising at school and home.
  • Tuesday was the SPAG test [spelling punctuation and grammar.] This was a shorter test as it only lasted forty five minutes
  • Today (Wednesday) we did two maths tests, one was arithmetic( it lasted half an hour) the other was reasoning (45 minutes)
  • Tomorrow (Thursday)  we will do our last
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